Season Scene Building: An Altenew Class

There’s nothing better than a card that tells a story, and what better way to do that than by creating a whole scene. There are so many different ways to do this too; stamping and masking, 3D cards, interactive cards…the choice is endless. I have always gravitated towards certain brands for my scenic cards, so I was excited to take a class with Altenew Academy that would introduce me to their scene building sets too.

Creating my Scene Building Card with Altenew Products

This class was a great time to really push myself and think ‘outside the box’, and that’s exactly what I did. I decided to make a 3D pop-up box because I haven’t made one for ages, and this time I was going to use absolutely EVERY Altenew floral stamp and die I owned. I was aiming for a flower bouquet, and I think that’s pretty much what I achieved. I’m so happy with this one, so let me show you how I created it.

To start, you have to make your 3D pop up box. It’s always best to make this part first so you can know the final size of your card for sure. Normally, I kind of DIY-it. There are plenty of easy tutorials on YouTube and so on, but it’s relatively simple to figure out a pattern for yourself. Don’t worry if you can’t though, because there are dies designed to create your pop-up box for you! I found one with Crafter’s Companion. It’s the Gemini brand of die, and this little gem makes a box so easily you’ll have it done in no time! (Have a look at the picture below to see the constructed card – and please excuse my VERY messy desk! lol)

At this first stage, the most important thing to remember is to use a strong cardstock for your base. It needs to be able to stand up on it’s own, as well as support the weight of whichever die cuts you add to the top. A flimsy card here really won’t do the job well.

I always make the card base first and then set about decorating it. In this case, because I was aiming to create a humongous array of flowers on the top, I wanted to keep the base relatively uncluttered. I chose some linen cardstock in a variety of fresh green hues and cut out large squares to decorate the base.

With the base finished, the next step was the top. I stamped a vast number of flower images from various stamp sets onto Crafter’s Companion Stamping Card. There were flowers from the Wallpaper Art Stamp Set (one of my personal favourite sets), the Lotus Stamp Set, New Beginnings Stamp Set and Sweet Nothings Stamp Set. I think I probably stamped out more too but to be honest I’d gone a little overboard with how many flowers I created.

When the were all stamped, I used my Spectrum Noir Classique Alcohol Markers ( I have the complete collection but I’ve only attached one set to my product list below) to colour them in. There was a little shading and colour blending done to give the flowers some depth. But, again, I didn’t want the card to end up being too ‘busy’ so I was careful to make them bold in colour rather than heavily detailed.

After colouring, I die cut them all out. You can do this as one big sheet, or cut them into individual squares to run them through a mini die cutting machine. Both work just as well. In the end, I have large bunch – pun totally intended! – of flowers and leaves ready to arrange on my card bouquet.

When you’re creating a 3D pop up box, a strong acetate is a great way of adding the elements to the top. So I cut three rectangles, all with a width slightly smaller than the card base width, but all with different heights. I glued them to the internal card base tabs with the tallest at the back to the shortest at the front. You do have to let this dry well before you start adding your die cut elements to it. Otherwise you run the risk of it slipping under the weight.

Finally, it was time to finish the card. I used Gina K Connect Glue and a tape roller glue to stick the different Altenew flowers and leaves all over my card. I arranged them so that each die cut could be seen from the front. And I was careful to make sure that even with the leaves overhanging the sides, the card will still fold flat. And it does. I didn’t end up adding a sentiment, or at least I haven’t added one yet. Sometimes I leave cards blank so that when I need one for a special occasion I can add the appropriate sentiment before sending it, and that’s probably what I’ll do with this one too. I think it would make a great Mother’s Day card, but since our Mother’s Day has already passed in the UK I may have to wait a while to send it!

Season Scene Building Cards

Creating cards that tell a story are so much fun. I confess I usually only make cards like this at Christmas, it’s always the perfect season for something a little out of the ordinary, but this class with Altenew Academy forced me to think of something suitable for our current spring season – and flowers work so well for that, don’t they? Have you created any seasonal scenes? Why not share them with me on Instagram using the hashtag #fionagallowaydesigns? I’d love to see all your ideas and creativity!

Fiona x

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One thought on “Season Scene Building: An Altenew Class

  1. I have just one word… WOW!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery. Well done!


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