Hello, and welcome to my blog. Finally.

I say finally, because after years of experience writing online content for other peoples’ blogs, it only took me four and a half years to get my act together and start my own.

I know a lot of you will already know who I am through my social media channels, but now that you’re here, on this very page, let me tell you a little more about me.

My name is Fiona, I’m a full-time crafter and procrastinator, and I’m VERY happily married to the most amazing guy you ever met, Colin. He is just a fantastic and wonderful man, and thanks to him (and a healthy dose of hanky panky – ssssh!) we have two equally special kids. Alistair (12) and Cailean (11). I’m an Aquarian, although I know nothing about astrology so I really have no idea how that defines me. My favourite colours are black and green – think a vibrant leaf or forest green, definitely none of that spearmint sh*te – I love mountains, adore dogs, and my favourite animals are wolves. I have an appetite for movies and never, ever watched a single television series, not ever……..until I discovered Netflix.

Oh. My. God….. Netflix.

(Taking a pause to compose myself)

Moving on….

So, we live in Scotland, a relaxing five minute walk from the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond with our dogs Baxter and Mac, but until six months ago we were enjoying life in the pretty alpine town of Morzine in the French Alps. We lived in a gorgeous wooden chalet, with an amazing balcony that overlooked the mountains. We had a river running through the garden, a resident badger, and a water-side campfire that was in regular use during the summer months. It was amazing, but as much as I miss living in France I can’t pretend I don’t love our home in Scotland. We have everything here that France had – open spaces, towering mountains, and glistening lochs. But guess what else we have? Midges. Bloody, biting, plasma-sucking flying parasites. Yep, what’s not to love. Lmao.

We enjoy reading and long walks on the beach….

Oh, who the f*ck am I kidding? We like paragliding, motocross, ice hockey, downhill mountain biking on the toughest tracks in the world, skiing (very badly), travelling to exotic places, driving fast cars, eating amazing food, drinking gin, and taking risks, and we do it all as a family (except the gin bit). But if I DO need to slow it down a pace, then crafting is my go-to de-stresser.

I used to practice my (many) crafts at the kitchen table. It was regularly covered in various glues, scraps of cardstock, glitter and more sequins than a ballroom dancer’s bodice. It got to the point that my adorable husband no longer found my crafty ways quite so endearing, so he built me a cabin in the garden and served my sequins with an eviction notice. They’ve been living there ever since, and I like to visit them at least once a day to check on their welfare – which sometimes takes several hours. I can’t lie, I check on the rest of my crafting items when I’m in there too. And in full disclosure, I have a stash of chocolate hidden behind my paper cutter so the kids can’t find it.

I love cards, which is ironic since I never used to send any at all. Before I knew it I had an impressive collection of over two hundred birthday cards and almost as many Thank You cards, and I don’t even have that many friends!!! So, I started giving them away. Charities, friends, a local nursing home got a few, but before I parted with them I took pictures of the ones I wanted to remember. Then, with a gazillion images clogging up my phone, I started to delete them all…but not before posting the ones I really, REALLY wanted to remember to my new Instagram channel @fionagallowaydesigns !

Six months later, and thanks to the power of social media, I was not only part of a caring and inclusive online community of truly supportive people (you know who you are!) but I had also been contacted by a number of fabulous companies with commissions and requests. So, today, I am a proud member of three design teams, the amazing Creative Stamping Magazine, the fantastic company Spectrum Noir and a gorgeous little UK stamp company called @SunshineBeeDesigns (insert lots of heart emojis here).

And here we are! Isn’t life so exciting?

Thank you for joining me on my crafty journey. I love to hear from people, so feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, chat or any other general randomness that comes to mind!

Au revoir!